I should be honest and state that I am obsessed with this movie. I am trying to figure out why and have failed completely.

Let me do what Ross did in that Friends episode and try to list out the good and the bad in the movie.

Bad: Well for starters it sucks.  Does not build up the bad guy properly – I am supposed to feel really frightened because the dude’s name is Megatron. Hate the guy who plays Sam. Has no coherent story. In the final battle scene, I completely lose track of the good transformer and the bad one. The only exception to this is Prime. The jokes are so bad and stale that it moves to the unintentional comedy scale. The supposed cool dudes from that area 7 suck. The secretary of defence – really sad. Really pathetic black (is it politically correct to use the term?)  jokes. And a lot more.

Neutral: Cool cars. I am not too much into cars so that did not help. If they had a BMW, it would have moved to the good list. Instead they had stupid fuel guzzling American cars.

The good: Hot chick – but the only movie that I have gone to see for the chick was Rangeela. So that was not a huge factor. The thing that got me was Optimus Prime. I have not seen transformers before and I really thought it was a totally cool name. And the voice was absolutely phenomenal.

Given that I could list probably 10 times as many bad qualities as compared to the good, I should hate the movie. But somehow, Prime seems to draw me back everytime. I watched the movie in the theater with my roomie (who just hated the movie) and then I went and bought the DVD. I forced my roomie to watch it a second time with me. And without his knowledge, I watched it once more. Then on the flight back from US, I watched it again.

Somebody help!!!

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3 Comments on “Transformers”

  1. Senthil V Says:

    hereby you lose your right to not watch junk tamil movies:)

  2. Guppy Says:

    I know I know. I am going to some random movie tomorrow – Azagiya thamiz magan :(. Galli naa.

  3. catcharun Says:

    this movie sucks..except for the last fight which, if one were not used to so much cgi in every movie, is just an awesomely choreographed megabot opera…wait i thought i already reviewed it..i just meant to say – this movie sucks

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