I hate flying

I finally realized why I am bugged for a few days before leaving to India – I just hate flying. I love coming to India, meeting people etc. But I hate the fact that I have to sit in the plane for 16 – 18 hours and hang out at the airports for another 6 – 8 hours.

I usually get lucky and meet someone I know/ have seen or something like that. This time it was an ex- PSBBian. He was a junior by one year – I remember having seen him before and said hi. When I introduced myself, he actually remembered my full name and the likes. Obviously I was famous in school –  have no idea why :). Maybe it was for Guppy being Guppy.

Anyway back to the flying experience – my respect for all those tall dudes who manage to cram themselves in the flight seats has increased. There are certain advantages to being short and this is definitely one of them.

If and when I consider a reason to come back and settle in India (hopefully will happen sooner than latter), this is definitely one of the top reasons. The other being the ticket prices – I pay so much and feel like crap during and after the travel (jet lag).

I will give this much to British Airways – they are infinitely better than Air India. Unfortuntely the bar is so low that even the single engine flight I took to jump off witha  dude and his parachute tied to me had a better flying experience than Air India. They should improve their food a little more though.

I dont know if other people have had this experience, but the Chennai leg usually sucks. All the airlines seem to have given up on this. In London, while waiting to board the flight, I was shocked when they did not call people by row numbers. The request is for everyone to start boarding. And as usual there is mass chaos – for some reason we Indians seem to assume that the flight will leave before time and without us.

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2 Comments on “I hate flying”

  1. senthil V Says:

    you couldnt have warned me any better before my air-india flight. I am eagerly awaiting the adventure:) may be they can drop me off in cbe on the way to mumbai.

  2. catch Says:

    “we indians”..so true..it has to do with pallavan’s training (the bus corp. not the king). the first thing a child learns after walking is how to get into a bus and catch a seat, right after that it learns about footboarding when too late…no footboard on planes implies mass chaos

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