Lacking passion

I found myself wondering if I lack passion.

Let me start from the beginning. Today while I drove back from the gym, I saw a lot of folks with American flags protesting the war. I would never do this even if I was strongly against the war. Maybe I have not seen anything I am really passionate about. I don’t know if that is just me or is this a common middle class Indian thing. I wish I had a good answer but …

Now regarding the actual war – I am still not sure if this was a war that needed to be fought. I can understand both sides of the argument but I dont feel strongly about either one. I have seen people argue with me about the merits of the war – my cousin felt strongly that it was a bad one. When I see soldiers die, I think this is a really stupid war to fight but when I think that maybe people in Iraq will eventually live peacefully, I hope that things work out well.  It does look really bleak though.

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