Fall running

After quite a while, I went running outside and it was a blast.

I had to miss two runs this week because I had what I thought was the beginning of shin splints. I also had some pain in other parts of the leg and decided to hold off on running outside. Finally today I felt a lot better and decided to do my long run.

I had a really awesome run. The weather was just perfect – around 60 and a little windy. I usually run in this trail called the military ridge trail – it has very little unpaved roads – I am putting up a picture of it (got it from the internet). It was not as green but that made it even better. It was all pretty and colorful – I saw all shades of yellow, red and the whole gamut of colors in-between.

Military ridge trail

Fall is definitely the best time to run in my opinion. I have been trying to convince myself to buy this jacket so I can run outside more. My roomie is probably rolling his eyes when he reads this but I will get there someday.

If any of you want to take up running, this would be the best time to start – just get yourself a really good pair of shoes. Anyway, I did a little more than 12 miles in 120 minutes.

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2 Comments on “Fall running”

  1. catch Says:

    who is the more roomie?? i thought u had only one.

    i shall one day close that browser window and then erase opera’s cache.

  2. Guppy Says:

    That should have been My roomie. My bad. Henceforth you shall be addressed only as Roomie (like Mentee :)).

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