Our future on this planet

Sorry to touch such a heavy topic but today is blog action day and the environment is the topic. This is something I feel strongly about so I decided to write something brief today.

The first question is how we as humans somehow seem to not care about destroying the environment. One of the things that comes to my mind when I think about this is the dialogue from Matrix – Agent Smith tells Neo about how humans seem to destroy everything in their wake.

I still cant believe people deny that global warming happens. Yes, no one knows the final effects of it but some of the current effects are bad and if we wait another 50 years, then we humans better adapt to the fact that there will be no ozone and start breathing CO2 instead of oxygen. I find it really funny (or really sad) when people deny global warming. I didnt realize how serious this denial is till I read a stupid book by Michael Crichton. He was one of my favorite authors – in fact, I still think his first few books are masterpieces. Jurassic Park was just awesome and I will list it in my top 10. But when I read State of Fear I lost all respect for him as an author. He is perfectly entitled to his opinion but when he gives guest lecture as an expert, I get really ticket off.

I am not saying I am doing anything great for the environment other than make sure I recycle as much as possible. But I hope to slowly get there and hope all of you will also take the small steps to hopefully save our planet.

On a related note, I hope we do get somewhere with products similar to this. I am not sure if it will work out, but I sure am hoping it does. The guy who wrote this is one of the better bloggers on technology.

Google’s energy plan

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2 Comments on “Our future on this planet”

  1. mark iv Says:

    psbb? when? batch? where now? hows youo? whos you?
    the alma mater just pushes forth an overwhelming rush of questionnaire..

  2. Guppy Says:

    PSBB main – 95 batch. Been a loong time :). I am at present in Madison.

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