Fall – the best TV season of them all

Every fall, my roommate and I get giddy seeing the ads for all the new dramas etc that come out. It is our policy to watch all serials at least once – the exceptions are the crazy reality ones that come out every year. We do our best to add at least one more to our ever expanding repertoire.

I should first talk about our usual ones – we watch Scrubs whenever it is on. My roomie will soon become king of Scrubs quiz on facebook. While I have probably watched as much, my observation skills are not that great. My cousin when he was here was the unquestioned king. One other thing we watch or follow is Heroes. It is a pretty interesting one. We also watch CSI (the original), NCIS, how I met your mother, Two and a half men and House on an intermittent basis – if we are free and the tv is on, we gravitate towards these. We used to watch Smallville but now our interest has been waning. Of course, they have introduced a really hot blond as Supergirl (the best formula – bring in a hot chick) – so I might be back on the bandwagon. But I am still miffed at this one because Superman has not yet learned to fly. Seriously, of all of superman’s powers, if you name one thing you would like to have, it would have to be flying. And after 6 seasons, I am not seeing that. How can someone be that dumb – does he never jump? If he jumps, he probably will realize gravity doesn’t work on him. Like Sienfeld says, shouldn’t superman have all sorts of awesome powers because he is super- by that theory, he should have a brain bigger than a pea.

Anyway, the one thing I have noticed with the new serials is that far too many are geek centric. Come on – it is nice to pull the legs of geeks but that is taking it a little too far. The two new ones I saw are Big bang theory (a little crappy) and Chuck (worth a second episode though my roomie disagrees. They definitely should have cast the person who acts as the sister in the main role – she is hot.) I also watched a couple of episodes of Bionic woman but that seems to be a really shallow serial. An episode or two more before it gets dumped. I have only so much time in the evening to watch serials – ah life is so tough. The reason I am still following the NBC ones (Chuck and Bionic woman) is because I can go online and watch them at my leisure.

If any of you watch any interesting ones, let me know and I will try it out. I am game to try out anything for at least one or two episodes. And no, please no Sex and the City. And no, I don’ t have cable because I am cheap.

Anyway, I ran close to 33 miles this week. I realize I have stopped updating about my runs – I will do a better job on that. Today, I ran close to 12.5 miles in 128 mins. Had to run in the gym because of the rain. While fall is awesome for new TV, it is even better for running outside. You should try it.

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