Chicago marathon

I was closely following the Chicago marathon this year (from the comforts of a friend’s home in Seattle) and was shocked to see that it got called off in the middle. That was till I learned that someone had died running the marathon. This was a really shocker – here was a relatively young 35 year old dude (Cahd Schieber) who just collapsed and died while running. My condolences for his family and friends.

This was the marathon I had hoped to run this year and I still have it penned for next year. Hearing that someone collapsed during the run does put a scare into a person. I was sure that if my mom hears of this news, she will do her best to convince me not to run. She had major misgivings about my half marathon and after reading this I don’t blame her. After reading the news, I am shocked to note that most runners complained that there was not enough hydration provided by the organizers – that is really sad. Maybe I should consider running in a different place.

But then you look at the big picture and realize that close to 25000 people finished – most of them safely.

Anyway, next Sunday I am back to following football. No more marathons to distract me till the NY one in November.

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