Facebook or Orkut

So how many of you are into social networking (If you are not, then obviously you are a stone age relic) This is the latest craze – you talk to people and they ask you – Are you in Orkut or Facebook? Scrap me when you are free. How the hell do you scrap someone – what does it even mean? When did it enter the English dictionary as a term for messaging someone? Obviously I missed that memo.

Anyway, the two social networks I am part of are Orkut and Facebook. I started out on Orkut because of peer pressure. Everyone I knew asked me about Orkut. So I joined in and found long lost friends. Friends who I just vaguely remembered but who seemed to remember me just fine. It made me feel famous. It becomes a contest – do I have more friends than he does? Some one remarked to me – you have just 20 friends. I have 50. What was I supposed to do – feel ashamed? What is the ideal response here?

As time went by, I talked to a couple of people in my company. They hadn’t heard of Orkut but suggested I join Facebook. That was the big thing. I said – ok let me try that. I added a couple of people and started playing around with it. I realized just how cool Facebook was and how different it was from Orkut. I assumed all social networking sites will be the same – just like all the email services are nearly the same. Yes, you can call it label or folder – but that is all.

Seriously Facebook is like Orkut on steroids. If you have not tried it, you are doing yourself a disservice. It just rocks. The only reason I am still on Orkut is because most of my friends are still there – that is the tough thing with social networks – you need to be where people are :(. That being said, I spend more time on Facebook than I do on Orkut – there are so many applications that you get drawn in. The thing I like most about Facebook is that they at least attempt to have some security – not everyone can view my photos or other information about me – just my friends. That is really cool – till Orkut does that, you will not see any of my photographs uploaded there.

Of course, Google seems to be finally realizing it is starting to lag behind pretty badly. Maybe they will do enough to pull me back to Orkut but till then I will continue with Facebook. I am surprised though that it took them so long – advertising is their bread and butter – how did they not realize that social networking is the next big thing. Microsoft – well they should just buy Facebook and be done with it. They will never catch up if they start from scratch now.

Interesting article on google’s plan for Orkut.

If you are on facebook or Orkut, look me up.

Anyway, I ran around 12.5 miles yesterday. Towards the end of the run, I had serious pain in my ankle that I was hopping for the last 10 minutes. But it was one of the more memorable runs – leaves are starting to change color and everything looks so beautiful. I saw a couple of multi-colored birds.

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One Comment on “Facebook or Orkut”

  1. SID Says:

    I had pretty same feelings myself. I quit Orkut. For somewhat related reason. Got disgusted with its integrated with gtalk functionality…

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