Shocked by the number of readers

I usually dont check my blog stats – I had given my blog to only a cousin of mine and realized the only person reading it is probably him. I had not even given it to my fiancee – the basic thinking was inspired from Seinfeld – I did not want to kill off independent Guppy in favor of relationship Guppy :). If you have not seen this episode, you should. It is a classic. But that is a whole different topic.

After a couple of posts, I mentioned to my roomie that I had a blog going. He read it a little and apparently mentioned it in his blog. One day I check my stats and get the shock of my life. More than one person reading it – wow, I must be writing some awesome stuff. Then I realize it is because of the entry over in Catch’s blog – thanks dude. I have to agree with him though – it is not easy writing about something every few days.

Writing a couple of paragraphs takes me back to my PSBB days. I have not had a reason to write more than a sentence at a time for a very long time. This brings back some fond memories. I miss school :(. It was easily the best time of my life.
Anyway, I ran the last two days. Yesterday I ran 6.4 miles (59  minutes) – mostly a tempo run. Today I just ran 5.5 miles (55 minutes) outside. I was not feeling up to it but somehow managed to push myself to do it. I should also add that a thunder storm started just as I was finishing my run and I actually picked up pace so I could avoid being hit by a lightning. It was pretty frightening to see it strike the ground at various places.

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