Sky diving

jumped off a plane for the very first time of my own free will :). It was definitely a lot of fun. I did not get as much of an adrenalin rush as I thought I would but it was one heck of a ride while it lasted. We were a group of six and when we first reached there, we got some instructions + a video of some dude’s first jump. This was after I signed a form stating we would not sue them for anything – could have just written away my future earnings – I am not really sure. The clause that cracked me up was one where they told us we couldn’t sue because the instructor was not trained. That sure gives you a lot of confidence.

I was the last to jump. Everyone was picking on me by then – even the instructors. They wanted me to either jump in a pink jumpsuit or a tiger skin colored one :). Managing to dodge that embarrassment, I then went on to get into my jumpsuit (blue). I was sure excited about the prospect of jumping. The only problem was that before you jump off, you need to keep your leg on a step outside the plane. That definitely got me all worried – I had nearly chickened out of para-gliding for the same reason a couple of years back. Finally peer pressure managed to pull me through that. Here if I chickened out, I would be the only one to do so. So again, I steeled myself to it. Boy, do they get the harness real tight.

The plane ride was pretty cramped and if it were not for the fact that I was going to jump off it, I would have been pretty happy to leave the plane. Then the moment of truth – they open the door and have you put an arm out and look down (12000 or so feet above the ground). The biggest impediment is the last step – I had to step out of the plane along with the guy to whom I was tied to. Yikes. Anyway, the first few seconds out was a little disorienting but after that it was not a big deal (definitely easy to say after the fact). I had some trouble breathing but hey, that is natural when hurtling down at 120 miles an hour. If you have time, take a look at the video.The best part was that I managed to pick out what I thought was the best song for the jump.

I should note that the whole thing cost me some 260 dollars but it was worth the money at least for the bragging rights. If I do it next time, it is going to be all by myself.

I cut short my run on that day because I did not want to feel too hungry before jumping off the plane. I did just 6.48 miles in 60 minutes. I might do an extra day this week to compensate for that.

I did not run Monday but ran 7.7 miles yesterday evening.

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One Comment on “Sky diving”

  1. catch Says:

    where’s the video…or am i missing something

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