Book review – The Prestige

I have been reading this book the last couple of weeks. If you want an opinion in a few short words – dont waste your time reading it. I dont think it has any spoilers but you read at your own risk.

The book was not bad. Unfortunately it was not good either – all it had was a random story and an attempted surprise ending. Well, I was surprised it ended but otherwise, it was just a really boring ending. Maybe I just have very high expectations these days. It is a story about some random rivalry between two magicians which gets out of hand and I was supposed to be surprised by the things they do.  Reading this on the back of the book, I assumed it was going to be some fantasy book but it was not. It was a little dark but I kind of expected that. Rarely do I take more than a day or two for a book – this book I spent nearly 2 weeks reading 400 pages. So it was not exactly riveting.

The movie has really high ratings but that is one thing I will not see. I will waste my time on some other crappy thing.  But if you have a choice between one or the other, stick to the movie – at least it will get over in 90 – 100 minutes.

Anyway, I ran on Thursday outside on Thursday. First time in  a while that I had to wear two layers. But I managed to run faster than normal – maybe because it was so nice outside. I ran for 7.63 miles in 70 mins :).

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