Running the marathon or losing weight

Ok this has been in the back of my mind for the last week. I was still deciding what I wanted to do more – run a marathon or lose weight. I know people who don’t run think I must be crazy in thinking the two are related but believe me when I tell you they are not.

You do tend to lose some weight when you are in training for the marathon but you should not be aiming to lose weight when you train for a marathon. That can lead to injury pretty soon. If you lose weight as a result that is a positive. Usually when you train for a marathon, you are running quite a bit and so end up being hungry most of the time. If you don’t eat, your next run is not going to be good and if you extend yourself a little too much, the chances of injury are really high. I read a couple of articles and spoke to a friend who had run a couple of marathons about this to make sure my assumptions were not way off base.

Anyway, I actually decided I need to lose weight for now :(. Any other time, I would have probably chosen the marathon but considering I am getting married in a little while, it becomes imperative that I try to lose some weight. I hope to lose at least 10 – 15 more pounds by then. I still will be overweight by close to 20 pounds but that is something I can live with (I hope).

That doesn’t mean I will be running any less – I am still aiming for 30 miles a week. But my long run will probably peak at 120 minutes and I will be doing lesser speed drills. That I suppose I can live with. I am still running the half in Chicago this weekend (9th). I hope to finish that in 130 – 140 mins.

Maybe sometime next year, I will get back into training for the marathon.

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