Breaking in my new shoes – ASICS 2120

This is always one of the more exciting things about running. New shoes. My old shoes had close to 375 miles on them and it was time to retire them. I was kind of hoping they will last me till my half marathon this Sunday but then running in them became more painful. I realized it would probably be easier breaking in the new shoe instead of running with the old one. It was really sad though – I ran my first race ever – the CrazyLegs (5 miles, 45 mins) in these shoes. You can take a look at some of the photos here:

My new shoes are the ASICS-2120. Running in them felt really good. I have been walking in it for the last two days just to get my legs used to the shoe and vice-versa. My old shoe was the older version, the ACICS -2110. I will write a comparison once I run more in these shoes. This is just my fourth specialty running shoe.The first was a Brooks which I loved. The second was a Saucony which was ok. I think the ACICS were the best of the bunch – at least for my feet.

Anyway today was a tempo run. I ran 37 minutes all of which at speeds between 6.7 and 7.1. Today’s run was mostly on the treadmill. I ran a total of 6.1 miles.

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