Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

I saw this abomination of a movie over the weekend. As you guessed, I thought it sucked big time. There are movies that are bad and then there are those that stick with you because they are horrible.

Most of the time movies tend to suck because you have very high expectations for them. For example the 2nd and 3rd part of Matrix – I will call them crappy and crappier Matrix. Even though the 2nd one sucked, I had to go and see the third one. But that is a completely different discussion.

For this movie, my expectations were pretty low. One of my office mates told me the movie sucked. Since I had anyway brought it from the library before the opinion was dispensed out, my roommate and I decided to watch it. Every movie bends/breaks some rule or the other. Well, this movie broke just about every one of them if that is possible.

Every law of physics – gravity, dynamics, thermodynamics – you name it and it was broken. Newton probably rolled around and puked in his grave. Then there was laws of biology and genetics. Completely random creatures that defy imagination – just some random body parts spliced together. And it also taught me that if you are exposed to radiation, all you need is to burn your clothes and you should be fine as long as you wake up naked next to a girl and a guy. And finally the biggest shocker – I accept Gweneth Paltrow is cute but no way would anyone take her over Anjelina Jolie. This was definitely the biggest law that was broken. At least in Indian movies when a hero does these kinds of things (for example the one and only inimitable Captain), it is high on the unintentional comedy scale – this wasn’t. I still cant think of a central theme around which the movie was built.

As I have been known to say, even my left ass could have come up with a better script – all it needed to do was make proper use of Ms. Jolie and we would have been better off for it – at least it would not have been so bad.

Anyway on to a happier subject – I did run relatively pain free on Tuesday. Ran for 5.97 miles – 36 minute tempo run at 6.7/7.1 with a mile of warm-up and cool down.

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One Comment on “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”

  1. sandy Says:

    nice description o the movie da. I was laughing my ass out…LOL

    BTW, why dont u put up a visitor counter. That waqy u can find ou how many visited the site.. Pretty interesting.

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