Really long run

As usual this Sunday was reserved my weekend long run. I was really prepared for it – I had missed the previous week’s long run due to thunderstorms which ticked me off quite a bit. We had a potluck on Saturday and I ate a pretty small quantity – I was afraid I would upset my stomach. AAAHHH – cant believe I left food on the table (Banging my head about this one now.) People who know me are probably shaking their head in disbelief. I should say the food was awesome but … I came home early and went to sleep by 10.

Advise to people who go on a long run – Don’t take cold drinks if the temperature outside is less than 55. Especially if you are a cheap ass like me – it is not easy to carry a cold bottle in your hand :). And by the time I drank from it, it had warmed considerably.

I found quite a bit about myself yesterday.Towards the end of the run I was limping the last 10 minutes. The prudent thing would have been to call off the run – I was worried it was some stress fracture and still wanted to finish the run. The effects of the run will be apparent tomorrow. I knew I was stubborn – not this stubborn.

Boy, this was by far my longest run. I ran for 175 minutes and 17.45 miles :). I will go and continue icing my leg now.

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