Running in the rain

While running today I was debating what I should write about. And then it hit me on my face. Actually it also hit me in an assortment of places on my body which I will not list here.

Today was the first time I ran in pouring rain and I loved it. Usually if there is inclement weather, you will find me at the Y running on the treadmill. I will watch the rain outside and feel happy that I decided to run inside.

If it had been raining when I left my house, I would have probably headed over to the Y. Fortunately it was dry and so I set out at around 6:40. About 2 miles into my run, it started to drizzle. I decided to continue figuring that the rain will stop. It did not – in fact it got worse. But the best part was I loved it. It was at least 65 F and the rain cooled me down considerably. I covered more distance in 70 mins than I have done in recent time.

This got me thinking. A couple of years ago when I was in grad school, I used to mock people who ran at 12:00 AM. I figured I would rather be out of shape than run at that time. In fact I should have said run at any time :). Then 2 years back I started to run. It was always on the treadmill. When I started to run close to 25 miles (took me more than a 1.5 years to get there), I used to look at people who run in rain or snow with awe (or was it jealousy?) I must have commented to my roomie at least a couple of times that these were hardcore runners. When I ran in the rain today, I kept thinking what would people actually think about me. Crazy. Hard-core. Jealous hopefully. And I didnt care. I was loving it too much.

I will probably feel the effects of a wet run tomorrow but given an option I would do it again.I have ordered a jacket so I can weather the elements a little better.

In case you are curious, my run was for 7.52 miles in 70 mins. Here is the map.
Map of my run

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One Comment on “Running in the rain”

  1. sandy Says:

    man…1.5 yrs since uve been running. too good..I didnt even run for 1.5 days. The passion in u is very stron. Go with it. how far do u run in one go..i.e without stopping?? Just outta curiosity??

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